Filter Syringe Cameo 25as 50/Case

Unit Price: $137.50

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The Cameo A type filter is well suited for maximum sample recovery such as tissue culture media preparation, sterile or non-sterile filtration and clarification of biological fluids, protein and enzyme filtrations, hybridization buffers, and other aqueous solutions.
The Cameo A series syringe filters are designed to sterilize and remove particulates from proteinaceous samples. Due to the extremely low holdup volume the negligible protein-binding characteristics, these syringe filter units are ideal for applications requiring maximum sample recovery from a standard or presterilized syringe filter.
The membrane filter is Osmonics AcetatePlus cellulose acetate, which eliminates the possibility of popping the filter. The Cameo 25mm syringe filters contain a 1.0 micron borosilicate glass prefilter and our AcetatePlus cellulose acetate membrane filter specifically designed to combine high throughputs and maximum sample recovery when filtering or sterilizing viscous proteinaceous solutions. The prefilter and membrane are contained in the acrylic housing without adhesives. The Cameo AS filters are individually packaged, gamma irradiation pre-sterilized syringe filters.
Other than the 3mm the other sizes offer bi-directionally support of the membrane allowing sample injection or aspiration and are individually labeled with pore size and filter type for quick, easy identification. All units are tested to verify the filter and housing integrity.

Pore size:0.45 micron
Sterilize Biological Fluids, Serum or Media Additives, 3mm & 25mm (sterile)
Sample Preparation of Aqueous Solutions, 3mm & 30mm (non-sterile)
Sample Preparation of Protein-Based HPLC Solutions, 3mm (non-sterile)
High Throughput, Low-Binding Filter Units for Non-Sterile Aqueous Filtrations, 30mm (non-sterile)
Filter Probe and Hybridization Solutions to Reduce Backgrounds, 3mm & 25mm (sterile)