Box Assortment with Compartments

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Product Name Item No Pricing (1-3) Pricing (4-9) Pricing (10+)
Size: 12 Compartments SAR-95957 $53.91 $48.52 $45.82
Size: 18 Compartments SAR-95958 $55.51 $49.96 $47.18
Size: 24 Compartments SAR-95959 $57.03 $51.33 $48.48

1 units per case.

Our versatile rack range includes more than 36 different options offering optimum solutions for any application. Whether for S-Monovettes, tubes with a wide selection of different diameters, micro tubes, or reaction cups, our range provides options to suit almost every requirement. The high-grade, resistant rack material stands out for its durability. Autoclaving is possible without any problem. Special features facilitate laboratory work, e.g. notched apertures enable single-handed opening and closing of original micro tubes. Universal compact block racks are available for the S-Monovette® to provide space-saving and systematic sample storage. Six different colours aid organisation of workloads in the laboratory.