Microvette® 300 300µl

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Product Name Item No Pricing (1-3) Pricing (4-9) Pricing (10+)
Type: Flouride SAR-201307100 $90.71 $81.64 $77.10
Type: Serum SAR-201308100 $90.71 $81.64 $77.10
Type: Li Hep SAR-201309100 $90.71 $81.64 $77.10

100 units per case.

This Microvette® provides all the advantages of a modern blood sampling system for the collection of either 300µl or 500µl of blood. The tubes are ideal for blood sampling using the collection rim or the gravity-flow principle of collection. Any part of the unique rim can be used for capillary blood collection without the need for a separate scoop.