Microvette® CB200 200µl

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Product Name Item No Pricing (1-3) Pricing (4-9) Pricing (10+)
Type: EDTA SAR-181321100 $90.71 $81.64 $77.10
Type: Flouride SAR-181322100 $90.71 $81.64 $77.10
Type: Serum SAR-181323100 $90.71 $81.64 $77.10
Type: Serum Gel SAR-181324 $99.63 $89.67 $84.69
Type: ESR SAR-181325100 $127.35 $114.62 $108.25
Type: Li Hep SAR-181326100 $90.71 $81.64 $77.10

100 units per case.

Using this ESR measuring system has proved to render very good results for children and adults in comparison with the Westergren method. The Microvette® is designed to hold a blood volume of 200 µl only, thus reducing any strain on the patient during blood collection to a minimum. The Microvette® is predosed with Citrate and supplied with an enclosed push cap with preassembled and prepared end-to-end capillary and a sedimentation capillary. For measurement, we recommend to use our special rack with graduation and 10 measuring points.