Cell Dividers for Vial Boxes

Starting From $27.75

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Product Name Item No Pricing (1-3) Pricing (4-9) Pricing (10+)
100-Cell Partition: (10 columns x 10 rows) HS-2860E $27.75 $24.98 $23.59
64-Cell Partition: (8 columns x 8 rows) HS-2860F $27.75 $24.98 $23.59
49-Cell Partition: (7 columns x 7 rows) HS-2860G $27.75 $24.98 $23.59
81-Cell Partition: (9 columns x 9 rows) HS-2860H $27.75 $24.98 $23.59

Economical storage solutions in a box

Store cryogenic vials in liquid ­nitrogen, or in mechanical freezers in our freezer storage boxes. Box footprint is 133 x 133 mm. Select a partition that fit the size and number of vials for your needs. Colored cardboard boxes are ideal for identification and sorting purposes.  Packs of 12.

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