Cuvette Square 4ml

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Product Name Item No Pricing (1-3) Pricing (4-9) Pricing (10+)
Type: Acrylic SAR-67738 $37.28 $33.55 $31.69
Type: Polystyrene SAR-67741 $27.84 $25.06 $23.66
Type: 4 Optical Sided Polystyrene SAR-67754 $39.69 $35.72 $33.74
Type: 4 Optical Sided Acrylic SAR-67755 $52.22 $47.00 $44.39

100 units per case.

Cuvette 10x10mm, optical pathway 10mm, 4ml, 45mm long. Rack packaging. Acrylic cuvettes stand out for their enhanced light transmission and are suitable for use down to the 300 nm range where spectral light transmission is approximately 90%. All square cuvettes have a light path of 10 mm. Our range includes versions with 4 optically clear sides for fluorescence measurement.