Double CytoSep Cytology Funnels SIM-M964

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Product Name Item No Pricing (1-3) Pricing (4-9) Pricing (10+)
Type: Cap SIM-M965C $143.93 $129.54 $122.34
Type: Dual Funnel SIM-M964-1D $828.27 $745.44 $704.03
Type: Dual Funnel with White Filter and Cap SIM-M964-20FW $1,137.38 $1,023.64 $966.77
Type: White Filter Paper for Dual Funnel SIM-M965FWD $93.91 $84.52 $79.82

The Simport Double CytoSep™ Cytology Funnel with disposable sample chamber allows for two samples to be run simultaneously on a single slide and is ideal for immunohistochemistry work. The Double CytoSep™ Cytology Funnel provides a cell deposition area of 6 mm (28 mm squared) for sample volumes of up to 0.5 ml. The filter card comes pre-attached. Cap is included. No need to use a different stainless steel slide clip. Each component is also available separately.