Inoculation Needle Orange

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1000 units per case.

Microorganisms must be in pure culture for accurate investigation and identification. Pure cultures are obtained by sub-culturing an individual microbial colony from a mixed culture.

Sterile inoculation loops are used as routine when inoculating solid culture media or transferring organisms from a liquid culture. The choice of product, either 10 µl or 1 µl inoculation loops or an inoculation needle, depends on the size of colony for sub-culture.

Traditionally, quantification of bacteria is carried out by applying a suspension of the test organisms to a dried culture plate, which is then spread evenly across the surface using an inoculation spreader.

Convenient and easy to use disposable loops, needles, and spreaders avoid cross-contamination and hazardous pathogenic aerosols. They ensure faster and more efficient handling especially with heavy workloads and for the applications described above. Depending on the product, loops, needles, and spreaders are available sterile and individually wrapped in bags of 5, 10, or 50 pieces.