NitriDerm Scents Fresh Orange Powder-Free Nitrile Synthetic 198 Series

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Size: L IH-198300 $92.29 $83.06 $78.45
Size: M IH-198200 $92.29 $83.06 $78.45
Size: S IH-198100 $92.29 $83.06 $78.45
Size: XL IH-198350 $92.29 $83.06 $78.45
Size: XS IH-198050 $92.29 $83.06 $78.45
Size: XXL IH-198400 $92.29 $83.06 $78.45

Characteristics: Designed for dentistry, our Fresh Orange gloves are colored to match their light and enjoyable scent. The exceptionally soft, low modulus nitrile synthetic compound is very comfortable for extended periods, perfect for dentistry! Not only are they patient fun and friendly, they are excellent nitrile gloves with very good donning properties and a slightly tacky exterior finish which provides excellent gripping properties.
Sizes XS-XL:  100 Gloves/Box, 10 Boxes/Case


                         PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS

Avg. Finger Thickness 
Tensile Strength Before Aging 
Tensile Strength After Aging 
Elongation Before Aging (%) 
Elongation After Aging (%)

min. 9.5" (240mm) 
min. 0.11mm (4.3 mil) 
min. 14 MPa 
min 14 MPa 
min. 500 
min. 400



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