Rack Base with Lid, Tray

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Product Name Item No Pricing (1-3) Pricing (4-9) Pricing (10+)
Color: Natural for 1-200ul Tips SAR-951760 $67.57 $60.81 $57.43
Color: Yellow for 1-200ul Tips SAR-951760001 $88.06 $79.25 $74.85
Color: Gray for SAR-701131 SAR-951760003 $91.23 $82.11 $77.55
Color: Orange for SAR-70765 SAR-951760004 $91.23 $82.11 $77.55
Color: Blue for 1-1000ul Tips SAR-951762 $91.70 $82.53 $77.95

8 units per case.

Trays pre-loaded with 96 tips are stacked five or six high with only one base and cover, reducing packaging waste and storage space by more than 50%.

- For high tip throughput, tips can be handled directly from the StackPack.Trays are securely attached but are easily separated when the next tray of tips is needed.
- Trays can be removed from the Tip StackPack and placed in the Tip SystemBox for individual use, i.e. to autoclave one 96-tip tray, without adjustment aids.
- Tip types A, C, E and F are available in the Tip StackPack format.