Single CytoSep Cytology Funnels SIM-M967

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Product Name Item No Pricing (1-3) Pricing (4-9) Pricing (10+)
Type: Single Sample Chamber / brown filter & Cap SIM-M967-10FT $78.24 $70.42 $66.50
Type: Single Sample Chamber / white filter & Cap SIM-M967-10FW $78.24 $70.42 $66.50
Type: Tan Filter Paper SIM-M967FT $64.33 $57.90 $54.68
Type: White Filter Paper SIM-M967FW $64.33 $57.90 $54.68

These funnels will snap quickly in place, allowing the pad to align correctly with the sample tunnel. Made with a compression ring around the sample hole in order to better control the rate of absorption and to ensure more consistent results.

Two ports, one in the sample well and one in the tunnel, provide great versatility. Samples are loaded directly through the chamber caps to prevent spilling of hazardous ones. Caps provide added safety to the operator. A large, centered cell deposit area makes screening easier and more sensitive.