Bottle Graduated Polypropylene 1000ml 6/Pack

Unit Price: $48.90

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DY-501505-1000 $48.90 $44.01 $41.57

Wide-Mouth Polypropylene Bottles
Graduated and Autoclavable

Polypropylene construction offers higher temperature resistance than LDPE or HDPE up to 1350C. Can be autoclaved for sterilization. Crisp, clear graduations and writing area for easy labeling. Wide mouth for easy access and filling. High clarity PP allows easy viewing of the fluid level.

Graduations in ounces
 - Start 4 oz with 2 oz increments ending at 30 oz

Graduations in milliliters
 - Start 100 mL with 50 mL increments ending at 900 mL

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