Dish Petri 50x9  w/o pad 500/Case

Dish Petri 50x9 w/o pad 500/Case

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Dish Petri 50x9 w/o pad 500/Case
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50 x 9mm Dishes
Available with or without absorbent pads

These petri dishes are manufactured of prime biomedical grade polystyrene, which provides excellent distortion free clarity. Dishes are supplied in pre-sterilized plastic sleeves, with or without pure cellulose absorbent pads. Dishes with preloaded absorbent pads are ready for broth media addition. Dishes without pads can have absorbent pads added or be used with solid agar medium. Presterilized cellulose absorbent pads are 0.85mm thick and absorb 1.8-2.2ml of liquid.
Filter size: Accommodates 47mm filter

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