MultiGuard3 Aerosol Barrier Tips (1ul-200ul)

MultiGuard3 Aerosol Barrier Tips (1ul-200ul)

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MultiGuard3 Aerosol Barrier Tips (1ul-200ul)
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- New, improved design!
- There is no need to inventory several sizes of barrier tips with the patented MultiGuard3 Barrier Tip.
- Available with low-binding surface technology
- A long sleek tip design
- Optimal barrier placement and collar design allow the MultiGuard3 to be used with 20ul, 100ul, and 200ul pipettors.
- Soft-fit top for easy eject and reliable multi-channel use
- Graduations at 20, 50, 100, and 200 ul
- Ultra-clear resin
- Extended length- 77.8 mm. MultiGuard3 1-200ul, Natural, Rack, Sterile

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