Oven Incubator 0.7 Cu Ft

Oven Incubator 0.7 Cu Ft

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Oven Incubator 0.7 Cu Ft
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The versatile Sci-Mart Lab Incubator was custom-developed for laboratories that need a dependable, compact incubator for cultures, assays, and general use. It is the ideal multi-purpose incubator.

Steel or see-through tinted acrylic door to allow viewing of entire work space without opening door
Temperatures maintained accurately and uniformly up to 62C (0.5C at 35C)
Large capacity allows multi-sample processing with 0.7 cu. ft. and 2.0 cu. ft. models
Chrome-plated adjustable shelf and fixed bottom shelf. (Additional shelves available)
Includes laboratory thermometer
2 year warranty on heating element

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