Cuvette UL-Mic 85mm Win 100/Case

Cuvette UL-Mic 85mm Win 100/Case

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Cuvette UL-Mic 85mm Win 100/Case
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UV-Transparent Disposable UV-Cuvettes
Disposable cuvettes for nucleic acid readings!

These UV-Cuvettes eliminate the tedious maintenance, cleaning, and contamination risks of quartz cuvettesnot to mention the peace of mind you get by not worrying about breaking expensive quartz cuvettes! The UV-Cuvettes also feature superior chemical resistance and may be used with most organic solvents, acids, and bases. All cuvettes are manufactured from scratch-resistant plastic and fit most commercial spectrophotometers. Ultra-micro UV-Cuvettes are available with 8.5mm and 15mm window heights and may be used with samples as small as 70l. Use the semi-micro size for volumes between 1.5ml and 3.0ml.

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