Filter Bottle-Top Polyethersulfone .45um 250ml 12/Pack

Filter Bottle-Top Polyethersulfone .45um 250ml 12/Pack

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Filter Bottle-Top Polyethersulfone .45um 250ml 12/Pack
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AcetatePlus VP filtration units are disposable vacuum filtration devices, which feature AcetatePlus, a supported cellulose acetate filter. An integral nonwoven support within the cellulose acetate filter provides unequalled dimensional and wet strength to completely eliminate filter cracking and tearing while under pressure.
Osmonics AcetatePlus filters combine fast flow rates and high throughputs with extremely low protein/nucleic acid-binding characteristics.
Due to negligible protein binding and consistent throughputs, these units are ideal for
sterilization and clarification of tissue culture media, biological fluids, serum, protein and enzyme solutions, as well as other aqueous samples.
AcetatePlus VP filtration units feature large surface areas to reduce premature filter clogging. The 250ml size incorporates a 60mm disc diameter while the 500ml size incorporates a 90mm disc diameter. Due to large disc diameter and the performance characteristics of Osmonics patented AcetatePlus filter membrane; these units filter twice as much proteinaceous solution in half the time of other units.
The AcetatePlus VP unit is available in pore sizes of 0.22, and 0.45 micron, individually packaged and presterilized.

Tissue Culture Media Sterilization
Protein, Enzyme and Serum Sterilization
Low Protein Binding Needs
Biological Fluid Sterilization

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