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Product: 4" Rubber Roller SIM-T329-9 $24.88 $22.39 $21.15
Product: Blue Mat SIM-T329-10 $40.82 $36.74 $34.70

Roller Made of Rubber
For ensuring a perfect seal when using either SecureSeal™ Thermal sealing film or foil on PCR plates. Roller made of medium hard rubber. Heavy-duty handle with comfort grip reducing fatigue. Will last a long time.

Blue Mat Made of Santoprene
This flexible sealing cover is used on 96-well plates along with clip down and screw top thermal cyclers and has been proven to be a secure and effective way of sealing. Since it is reusable, it is a nice way to make this step of the procedure cost effective. Dimples on one side of the mat ensure it is well placed over the tubes. Autoclavable.

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