Thermal Film 2mil Pp Sterile 100/Case

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Optically Clear Thermal Adhesive Sealing Film
Perfect for Real-Time PCR!

This innovative sealing film combines optically clear polyester with a strong, ultra-smooth, non-absorbing, non-fluorescing adhesive for superior performance in real-time PCR applications. The individual sheets have a plastic liner which is easily removed before use which contributes to its extreme smoothness and optical clarity. Two end tabs allow easy and accurate positioning, while the end-tab backing can be removed to apply the film around the edges. Available in a 2mil and 5mil thickness (more rigid for freezing).

Our standard thermal adhesive film is perfect for standard PCR applications. Standard thermal seal film is non-pierceable with a very strong adhesive for superior adherence to PCR plates.

Both thermal sealing films are packaged in zippered bags for easy storage and use. All films are RNase/DNase/nucleic acid-free and are for use between -40C and 120C.

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